Why Canada Needs More New Immigrants?

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Why Canada Needs more and more immigrants?

It has no secret that Canada is constantly in demand for newcomers to come into the country under a Permanent Resident status in order to fulfill many untaken needed occupations in the Canadian labor market.

There are various reasons for Canada to allow and encourage immigration from skilled individuals worldwide, today we share the major ones on why Canada wants more new immigrants in 2018.

World’s Second Largest Country

With a total Area of 9,984,670 square kilometer Canada ranks second among the largest countries in the world by its land frame. The population in Canada is only 35 million when comparing the size of the land we can defiantly see that there are many places in Canada which are not populated mainly due to whether conditions. Canada is very spacious and the GDP per capita is currently standing on 42,157 USD. Meaning Canada have a lot of space for everybody!

Lack of skilled professionals

In most countries, there are qualified workers for each and every field. However, currently in Canada this is not the case. Every country faces labor shortage in some or the other sector and, at times, there are occupations that a select set of people can complete better than others. This is one of the main explanations on why Canada encourage massive immigration.

Economic Growth

As immigration is a two-way beneficial process for both the individual and Canada, Canada is currently looking for new immigrants that fit for the skill-area they are facing a shortage in – mostly skilled professionals. These professionals in turn help not just the company they are working for but also contribute very well towards the growth of their adopted Canada’s economy.

Elderly Population

Here is another key factor by encouraging more and more immigrants into the country. Canada is fronting the demographic imbalance at current times. The percentage of people over the age of 60 is higher than the people who are under the age of 16, which designates that Canada is growing old country. This demographic imbalance will have contrary effect on the productivity and economy of Canada in the next coming years. Hence, Canada want more and more young skilled migrants to come and live in the country as Permanent Residents.

Canada have confidence in immigrants who are bringing in potential talent. Canada believes in multicultural existence in equivalent with a sole national identity.

As we can these are good enough reason for Canada to encourage more and more immigrants into the country, In fact Canada admits over 200,000 new immigrants every single year!

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