Why Canada considered as top place for Startup’s in 2018?

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Canada is a land of plenty. With endless natural resources, Canada also offers incredible and welcoming tech ground for international entrepreneurs.

Within the past few years Canada delivered some of the world’s greatest and successful startup’s such as: Shopify, Plotly, Kik and 500px and managed to attract many international eyes around the globe.

So why Canada considered as the top destination for Startup’s in 2018?

Government Aid

The Canadian government is working hard to build and maintain effective and successful startup systems in the country – especially in the Toronto area. There is a huge selection of government aid available to small businesses and young entrepreneurs, some of which includes loans that don’t have to be paid back.

Toronto – Top Hi-Tec City

With a population of 2.8 million Toronto’s startup scene considered to be on top of the international level, including approximately 3,000 ventures currently active. Toronto ranks high for quality of life, and it been said more than once that Canada’s second largest city has a bright future ahead as one of the world’s tech cities.

world-class universities

Canada’s most known Waterloo University produce thousands of talented tech grads on an annual basis. Major Universities across Canada have worked hard to offer space and support for startups to grow inside the country and encourage new ideas. Many foundations have been donating for new researches and new ideas every single year millions of dollars have been put on new Startup’s success in the country. With such a robust foundation of startup initiatives and technology success, Canada has been placed in top tech position internationally.

Immigration Welcoming

In the past five years, Canada has brought in the country more than 850,000 immigrants to fill in needed positions the Canadian labor market.

With a positive environment and encouraging governmental approach to immigration, international talents could easily succeed in Canada as a land of hope and endless opportunities.

Canada’s tech scene is effectively growing and the government now offers a startup / entrepreneur visa to encourage high quality internationals to immigrate, under a lucrative permanent residence status.

Start-Up Visa Program

The Start-Up Visa Program was established in 2013 and targets immigrant entrepreneurs that hold skills and potential to build businesses in Canada that are innovative, that can create jobs for Canadians and that can compete on a global scale. The Program awards permanent residence and work permits to skilled immigrant entrepreneurs.

With such an inviting and innovative environment, it is not a surprise why Canada is named as the world’s top place for Startup’s in 2018.

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