Payment For Canada Immigration Visa Application

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  • Guide you in submitting an accurate Canadian Immigration Visa profile.
  • Instruct you on how to have your educational credentials evaluated by the proper organization designated by the Canadian Government.
  • Provide you with a free IELTS/TEF online preparation courses to support you in gaining the needed result on the International language test.
  • Evaluate your personal immigration profile and advise you on how to improve your ranking score.
  • Constantly looking for other Canadian immigration programs and advise you quickly about new programs as they are declared.
  • Guide you in the preparation of your supporting documents in advance so that you can react in a timely manner.
  • Provide you with tools and resources to help you find work place in Canada.
  • Avoid crucial mistakes that cause delays or refusals.
  • Legally & Personally represent you with all matters regarding the Canadian immigration authorities.
What Happens Next?
After completion of your online payment you will receive several emails that include a formal receipt and Canadian immigration forms you must complete.
You will need to log in to your email and start completing your Canadian immigration profile and providing supporting documents.
Secure Payment
Here at CanadaByLaw we are committed to your privacy and online safety. We use the most advanced payment gateway systems to protect users information with PCI DSS level 1 and PayPal that insure users information is protected in a 100%.