Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals who are willing to change their life story, the golden opportunity to live and work in Canada as well as demonstrate what Canada has got to offer in respect to numerous immigration Programs.

At CanadaByLaw, we believe that when we create the opportunity for such an individual, we are not only assisting to fulfill dreams, but also helping to create diversity and economic empowerment, being one of the main goals of the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC).

The Canadian federal and provincial governments are continuously updating their programs to guarantee that Canadian immigration is successful, both for immigrants as well as for Canada.

There are presently more than 50 programs available for immigration to Canada. For that reason, CanadaByLaw team of specialists will be happy to assist you determine exactly what your best options are to achieve your immigration goals.

Why choose us?

Our Experience: With our extensive experience in Immigration Law and Consulting Field, we have assisted thousands of clients worldwide with Canadian citizenship and immigration matters and we are confident we can assist you too!

An extra mile: We inform you of new Express Entry-aligned Provincial Nominee Programs when they are publicized and create a strategy to endorse your resume, including a consultation with a Canadian career counsellor to gain exposure within the Canadian job market, after your profile is submitted.

We deliver what we promise: We do not just complete all the administrative work for you and fill out the application form, we listen to you, work with you to choose the best immigration option and strategy and work through the plan in order to maintain your desired results legally.

Regulated Consultants: All our immigration consultants are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) have knowledge of the latest legislation, practices and internal procedures of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Timing: Timing is of the essence. We quickly submit an accurate Express Entry profile and Canada Job Bank profile and avoid misrepresentation. In addition, we prepare supporting documents in advance in order to act rapidly if an application for permanent residence becomes an option (candidates only have 90 days to apply once they receive an ITA).

Customer Support: We provide personal, devoted service and strive to respond to all inquiries made by our existing clients within a few short hours. We have created a landmark through our range of services that help applicants scale through the process.


In order to provide our clients with the greatest flexibility and value, we will clarify our flat-rate billing process specifically, ensuring no surprises in the future. Payments are broken down into installments per each stage of our services, in accordance to our clients convenience.

The fee quote will reflect the complexity of the matter, estimation of the time needed for completion, risk factors, etc. Our client retainer agreement includes both our professional fee and the government of Canada fee, if applicable to the matter.

**Notice: We primarily evaluate each candidate file to determine his/her chances of obtaining permanent resident status before signing a contract. We do not accept files from candidates unless they have a good chance of obtaining a permanent resident visa at the end of the procedure.

We look forward to providing you with professional and personalized service on your immigration pursuit to Canada.