Immigration Fraud Alert

Beware of online internet scams. Numerous fraudulent commercial unauthorized and not regulated websites claim that they are directly linked to the Canadian Government and may use your personal information and payments to their own profit. Please be careful of such companies that promise guaranteed immigration and provide unwarranted claims regarding immigration to Canada.

Here at CanadaByLaw we regularly receive reports from individuals of unauthorized companies/organizations posing as legal and legitimate Canada Immigration service providers. We urge our clients to avoid any communication with unauthorized companies/organizations that target them as a potential immigration fraud victim.

How to spot an immigration fraud?

  • No individual can guarantee entry or visa to Canada
  • All Government forms are free of charge and should not be paid to access for
  • Scam Email – Make sure that the email sender is an authorized Canadian immigration firm and ICCRC respective member
  • Phone Scam – Phone calls from unregulated third parties happens on a daily basis – Make sure that you completely understand who is the person that is calling and which company he works for.
  • Charge unnecessary extra fees – Be sure to understand what you are paying for
  • The website URL must be secure – If it is not secure your personal information is not secure
  • Be sure that the Immigration firm has a contact Email and Phone number presented on their website
  • Check out the ICCRC registration number of the firm to make sure it is a valid one

CanadaByLaw Immigration Firm

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