Immigrants Are the Key in Canada Economic Growth

immigrants are key in canada economic

Canada has become an attractive destination for immigrants worldwide who are looking for a welcoming country that will give them decent, stable and good opportunities. Canada’s annual immigration flow is now respectively considered as one of the highest among the OECD countries and is expected to continuously grow in 2018.

In Canada no like other place around the world immigrants are quickly integrating into the labor market and putting their skills to work. Canada efficient labor market attracts nearly 100,000 foreign students each year that decide to immigrate permanently after getting a degree from one of Canada’s world-class universities.

With a developed and strong economy that increasingly grow Immigrants have a key role to play in helping grow and nurture the Canadian economy and releasing the country from the lack of skilled labor.

Canada economic growth is mainly based on immigrants, as new positions are offered in the labor market and more and more new companies are established the economic growth exist and can maintain itself justly because Canada admit nearly 250,000 new immigrants yearly to fill the newly created jobs.

Another key reason for Canada’s rapid economic growth is the new era of digital economy that creates new jobs available in the labor market. New applications are creating jobs that were unimaginable just years ago. Imagine that 10 years ago, there were no smartphone app developers, or cloud computing engineers or social media managers. With a large demand for new working hands immigration seems to be the most appropriate way to resolve the shortage of skilled workers in the Canadian labor market.

Without new immigrants, Canada’s workforce would decline and the economy will decrease. Canada would not have enough working hands to fill the countless positions required to keep the country economy stable and strong. But due to current government policy there is nothing to worry about since immigration in Canada is encouraged and welcome.

With Canada most liberal and welcoming immigration policies, supporting balanced immigration levels, Canada adopt a positive attitude towards immigrants.  Its policies include participation of employers, and government who share similarly in the challenge of foreign worker recruitment.

Immigration has been an important part of the Canadian government plan.  It remains vital in many OECD countries, but particularly in Canada, in part to offset demographic developments, including low fertility rates, a senior population, a growing elderly dependency ratio, a decrease in labor force and high out migration rates.

Canada need immigration just as much as immigrants need a welcoming destination such as Canada. Immigration, as it turns out, is the key to Canada’s successful and rapid economic growth.

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