How to Find a Job in Canada from Abroad?

find a job in Canada

Are you looking for ways to secure your job opportunities in Canada? let us help you out!

The Canadian labor market is very competitive, so it may be problematic to get a job offer from a Canadian employee in most cases. One of your best chances of finding job is to look for jobs in the Canadian shortage occupations list which would permit you to arrive to Canada as a federal skilled worker. However, you would be required to demonstrate skills and work experience in the job role you are qualified for.

The majority of people have to look for a job offer from a Canadian employer from their current home country. This is foremost the toughest part of immigrating to Canada.

There are many different ways especially nowadays when you can start your job search and find yourself the Canadian employee who can offer you your dream job today we will list some of the most common proven ways to help you find the right job in Canada.

Recruitment agencies

Big Canadian private employment agencies are well recognized and trustworthy. You can find details of them at Yellow Pages Canada. Furthermore, you can also refer to the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS) to find out what might be the best job opportunities available for you based on your personal work experience and educational credentials.


Postmedia Network publishes several English-language newspapers across Canada, including most important metropolitan daily newspapers, such as The Gazette and the Vancouver Sun.

The Globe and Mail and The National Post are the two main national newspapers in Canada. Nunatsiaq News is widely spread around the north of Canada.


The social media is knowledgeably known as the online arena for job seekers around the world.  In case you don’t have a LinkedIn profile you can simply create one and discover many job opportunities regularly advertised on this major network.

The Famous – Job Bank

Job Bank has long been the well-known method for Canadians to discover new jobs online, as it is free for both employers and applicants to use. It is possibly as close to an authoritative list of offered jobs in Canada as you will be able to find in online search.

More Options

You can constantly cold-call or cold-email employers or companies who might be interested in hiring individual with your set of skills. Or you can look on Canadian employers websites for job postings as some employers see value in people who take initiative. If you are a good fit applicant the employer or company may not care that you are currently abroad.

In case you read our post on how to find a job in Canada from abroad and you still haven’t got any idea where to start and if you are actually required to have a job offer from a Canadian employee based on your personal immigration profile please contact us so we can help you figure out the best way available for you.

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