How to Create the Best Express Entry Profile?

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Before Creating Your Express Entry Profile Here Are Some Points to Keep in Mind

The most popular program for immigration to Canada the Express Entry immigration program is an online management system which it applicants enter into a pool and rank against each other.

Every year there are between 20-24 draws on the Express Entry immigration program which makes available of Canadian Permanent Residence status to its successful applicants.

The top ranked applicants receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian Permanent Residence status in periodic draws. The first step to apply is to find out if you are even qualified to apply, and therefor create your Canadian Express Entry immigration profile.

Here are some guidelines in order to create your best qualified Express Entry immigration profile:

Apply First for High Human Capital Ranking

The highest score achieved by CRS is 110 points for single and 100 points in case applying for Express Entry with spouse.

Don’t wait too much by submitting you profile in order for you to gain additional work experience, you might get age penalty and your CRS score will drop if you delay the process. Keep in mind, that your Express Entry profile is valid for 1 year only, but fortunately if needed you can submit it again if it expires before you receive the ITA (Invitation to Apply).

The desired Express Entry profile would be one where an applicant demonstrating high education level preferably related to his current occupation and significant work experience before the age of 30.

Improve Your Language Skills

It has no secret that language skills are one of the most vital parts of the Express Entry application profile. Applicants must always strive for excellency when it comes to language skills and demonstrating the highest level required on the IELTS or TEF exam mainly because in most cases achieving the minimum score won’t be enough.

Be successful on the IELTS, or on the TEF, can significantly increase the CRS score. It’s also a preferable method to improve your profile’s competitiveness in the Express Entry poll against other applicants, then to improving your educational credentials. Applicants should complete the IELTS or TEF as soon as possible in order for their Express Entry profile to be completed. Moreover, the results are required in order to assess the primary eligibility, and the great thing about it is that applicants can always improve their test score by retaking the test again and again till getting the desired score.

NOC Work Experience

The CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) uses the National Occupational Classification (NOC) information to allocate points for work experience in the Express Entry immigration profile. The NOC information gives a skill level and a 4-digit code to every listed profession in the Canadian labor force. Applicants who Accurately detecting and claiming the NOC code are more successful when creating the perfect Canadian Express Entry immigration profile.

The Express Entry Draw has been the most welcoming and popular in the Canadian Immigration programs and just recently 3,000 Express Entry applicants have received ITA’s (invitations to apply for Canadian permanent Residence).

Don’t wait much and loose your points for age APPLY TODAY and check if you qualified for the Express Entry immigration program!

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