Student Visa – Without a Study Permit

Study in Canada without a Study Permit

There are conditions in which a student applicant is released from having a permit under the following substances:

  • Short-Term Study in Canada

Student applicants are not required to hold a Student Visa or permit in order to attend a study program for six months or less. Courses in the program may well be made up of any topic(s), and could be taken as part or full-time basis.

Foreign nationals in Canada that do not hold a study permit and who would like to sign up for an educational program are required to apply for a study permit from outside Canada unless the study program is short in nature and may be completed within the original period intended by the applicant. In case foreign nationals wish to work on campus and stay in Canada beyond the six months program, the CIC recommends to hold a study.

  • Young Children in Canada

Any young children living in Canada can study at any pre-school, primary or secondary level school without a study permit, with exception to children of temporary residents that do not hold an authorized work or study permits in Canada (visitors).

  • Family Members and Staff of Diplomat Representatives

Family members and staff members of foreign nationals to Canada, for example embassy workers and other diplomatic representatives. Family members are defined as:

  • Spouse or common-law partner;
  • The dependent child of the individual or their spouse/common-law partner; or
  • The dependent child of a dependent child.


  • Members of foreign armed forces residing in Canada under the Visiting Forces Act

Members of the armed forces of a country that is a designated state under the Visiting Forces Act do not need a permit to study in Canada.

Designated states countries under the Visiting Forces Act list are as follows:

Albania Hungary Oman
Antigua and Barbuda Iceland Poland
Australia Italy Portugal
Azerbaijan Ivory Coast Romania
Bangladesh Jamaica Sierra Leone
Barbados Japan Singapore
Belgium Kazakhstan Slovak Republic
Brunei Kenya Slovenia
Bulgaria Korea Spain
Cameroon Kuwait Sudan
Croatia Latvia Sweden
Czech Republic Lithuania Swaziland
Denmark Luxembourg Tanzania
El Salvador Malawi Trinidad and Tobago
Estonia Malaysia Uganda
Ethiopia Moldova Ukraine
Finland Nepal United Arab Emirates
France New Zealand United States
Georgia Nicaragua Uzbekistan
Ghana Niger Venezuela
Greece Nigeria Zambia
Guyana Norway Zimbabwe


  • People who have Registered Indian status in Canada