6 Tips To Prepare Your Permanent Residence Application

It is important to know how you can improve your application and become a worthy candidate to receive PR in Canada. The immigration programs can take months and years to clear an application. Hence, you must prepare your PR application with the right information. Here are some important tips for writing applications for all types of PR programs in Canada.

Identify the program you are eligible for

It is important to know if you are even eligible for the program you plan on applying to. There are multiple immigration programs made for the economic, family, and refugee classes. Some of the programs are based on points, while some are first-come, first-serve, and some are sponsored.

Consider an advisor

Consider an advisor

It is better to talk with an immigration agent before you make any moves. You can have a hard time collecting information and documents for PR if you are doing it on your own. An immigration agent can help you find the right information and assist you with the entire process.

Start gathering documents

Even if the officials have not asked you to submit a required document yet, it is your duty to gather everything necessary before you get put on a long hold. Some of the documents can take months to obtain. You need to start ahead of time so that you do not delay matters unnecessarily depending on your situation.

Check your documents

Always check your documents again and again for any mistakes that you overlooked for the first or second time. Take the help of your advisor to make sure you understand and fill all columns carefully. The risks involved in getting your application checked are high, and even the smallest mistakes can delay your process for a long time.

Create a checklist

Create a checklist

If you are unsure about remembering all the steps to getting your PR application filed, create a checklist and check the boxes for your complete tasks. You will receive a checklist from IRCC based on your specified circumstances and the type of program you apply to. Since the checklist is generated based on your unique circumstances, it is important that you complete the checklist before submitting your documents.

Stay accurate

Always provide correct and accurate information in your application. If the IRCC has to question anything written in your application, you will only delay the process. If you keep the information accurate, the department can easily verify the details without any questions. Even when you fail to submit some of the required documents, provide an accurate explanation as to why IRCC should allow you regardless of the missing document. If you cooperate with the officials, they will try to get your work done as soon as possible. Take your immigration agent’s advice on how to deal with IRCC officials.






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