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7 Benefits You Receive With PR In Canada

Canada will welcome over 400,000 immigrants in 2021-2023 under the government’s new immigration policy. It is a country that wholeheartedly welcomes immigrants and offers them the benefits they need to settle down. On many occasions, Canada is called out as the ‘Paradise for immigrants.’ Today, Canada is an ideal country for immigrants to settle down without a problem. Here are the benefits immigrants receive along with their permanent residence (PR).

Right to live and work

All immigrants approved for PR receive the right to live and work in Canada. It is the second-best country in the world today to live and work in. Once you receive your PR license, you are free to move to any province in Canada and find a job. Its perfect natural beauty, cultural influence, economic stability, and entrepreneurship make it a quality life.

Renew your visa after five years

Most Canadian PR cardholders have a validity of five years, while some may only have a validity of one year on their cards. However, there are no limits to the times you can extend your visa validity. The purpose and history of your stay will be considered while extending your validity for the PR card.

Renew your visa

You can bring your family

Some programs under the immigration law allow people to bring their families along with them. Once you become a PR of Canada and receive your card, you can sponsor the immigration of your spouse and children under age 22. They can live, study, and find work in Canada for their life.

Free education for children

One of the biggest perks to migrate to Canada is free education for children up to 12th grade. A PR cardholder and send their kids to school for free. There are three education levels – primary, secondary, and higher education. The tuition fees for university education are also reduced dramatically for permanent residents.

Universal healthcare

Universal healthcare

Canada immigration offers free, world-class healthcare to permanent residents. Medical care is free for all residents of Canada, and all their drug prescriptions are paid through taxes. You can also apply for healthcare insurances as a permanent resident of Canada.

Social benefits

If a permanent resident secured 40 credit points, they would unlock several social benefits. Forty points are equal to working for ten years in order to receive the same benefits. They can get high-paying jobs, tax rebates, and other social benefits to enjoy their life. There are also survivor and disability benefits for deceased workers.

Freedom to move

With your PR card, you can move outside and inside Canada at your own will. You can move your residence to any of the Canadian provinces. You can look for a different job once you receive your PR card and decide on spending your livelihood any way you like. You can also start a business if it contributes to the economy of the country.






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