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Qualities To Look For In An Immigration Consultant

An immigration agent or consultant is a lawyer who obtains immigration law experience and supports candidates with their immigration applications. They provide professional support to help people who want to immigrate to Canada and obtain citizenship or require a visa for study, work, or travel purposes.

An immigration officer’s responsibility is to provide their client with the right information and advice while applying for a visa or PR. At the same time, they need to represent their clients in front of the authorities to complete the immigration tasks. Immigration lawyers need to be in constant connection with the authorities and clients through email, phone calls, or personal meetings in order to carry out their role. If your immigration consultant cannot provide your successful results, you need to consider your options. Here are the top five qualities to look for in an immigration consultant.

Knowledge of Canadian Immigration Law

Canada made changes in their immigration law recently that your immigration consultant must know about. They should know the Canadian immigration and refugee law and receive a certificate from Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). All immigration consultants should maintain similar standards with their knowledge of the immigration law of any country.

Canadian Immigration Law

Communication skills

An immigration consultant should possess good communication skills to get your application through the highest officials smoothly. A friendly interpersonal connection will help you build a connection with your consultant easily while also getting a better response from the officials. Your consultant should be able to understand what you want and what qualifications are to get the PR.

Eye for detail

Your immigration consultant should have an eye for detail to pick any mistakes or missing areas in your application. They should be able to see through the problems that are blocking your applications and find you a way to get approval from the authorities. Even the smallest errors in an immigration case will cause big problems if the authorities demand strict information. That is why a good consultant requires the nerdiness to check everything twice or thrice.

Calculated pessimism


A good immigration consultant will always keep things real for you and not make any false promises. They should be able to think about everything that can go wrong to find solutions for it in advance. If your consultant is always showing you dreams, you may look for other consultants who can be realistic in finding the right solutions for you.


In the end, you also need your consultant to be understanding of your circumstances. They should care about you and give you enough personal time to understand your requirements. They should be considerate while asking you for a fee and staying transparent throughout the process to keep everything legal. If your immigration consultant is only focused on your money, you need to make quick changes.






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