5 Things You Should Do Before Moving to Canada

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There are a lot of things to keep in mind before you leave your home country and immigrating to Canada. it’s crucial to understand that Canada is other country and the way of life there is absolutely different in terms of weather, culture, jobs, etc.

When moving to a different country it’s always make new expectations with new environment especially like the one Canada is offering. Canada simply makes people to be successful and happy fill with ambitious and determined to achieve their goals in life.

Today we share five of the most important things that are worth planning on before you take of and come to live in Canada as a Permanent Resident.

 Medical Insurance

Just before you take off and coming to Canada you will need to arrange personal or family medical insurance to cover you or any other accompanying family members for the first three months until the official Medical Services Plan becomes effective and you can enjoy all benefits of the program for fully coverage – in Canada most of medical expenses are covered on the regular medical plan every Permanent Resident or Citizen is eligible for.

Bank Account

After your landing in Canada you will be able to apply for a bank account. Bank accounts in Canada are opened only if the main applicant is in present and can present an authorization of Canadian Permanent Residency / Student Visa / Canadian Citizenship. That means that opening your bank account in Canada has to be done only after you arrive safely into the country. It is also highly recommended that until you do have a valid bank account and debit/credit cards in hand you should keep your old ones because many vital services in Canada require a valid debit/credit card presence.

Foreign Exchange

It is highly recommended that you use a professional foreign exchange service provider to shift your money to Canada. Although all banks in Canada and in your home, country can do this for you, the professional foreign exchange service provider offer more advanced services and can get you better rates and value for your money. In case you are shifting big volumes, small differences in the rate can make a large difference to the funds you get in Canada.

Children School

For school age children, you should start organizing their records of achievement, school reports and course summaries from their previous schools prior your arrival to Canada. This will assist the Canadian school counsellors assess their prior education and achievements and through that to allocate them to a specific grade. It is also highly important that you apply for several schools prior your arrival to Canada to save precious time of acceptance to any educational institute.

Buying or Renting a Property

If you are planning to buy or rent a property soon after your arrival in Canada, then it is highly suggested to use the service of a mortgage broker prior to your arrival in Canada. The mortgage broker can offer you professional advice and will find you the best available deals in the Canadian market. By doing this in advance you can get a realistic idea of what you can afford and of course come to your own place rather to stay in a hotel.

The most significant thing when preparing your move to Canada is timing and effectiveness. Be sure that you understand everything you have to do well in advance and know all the deadlines for getting each element done in a timely manner.

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