5 Keys for successful Immigration to Canada

Canada immigration visa

Canada is currently the most popular immigration destination for individuals worldwide. That is the reason there are such huge numbers of individuals who apply for migration to Canada every year. However, only few are making a successful immigration journey and settle in Canada as a Permanent Residents. The most widely recognized explanation behind this is they approach the immigration process unprofessionally and don’t follow after the guidelines as entirely as they should. Therefore, their immigration application for Canada winds up giving inadequate data or distorts it and accordingly gets rejected by the relevant regulated body.

So as to stay away from this circumstance and apply for Canadian permanent residence status in the most ideal way, the very first thing you should do is to get assistance from a regulated professional immigration law firm.

Today we share the top 5 keys for a successful immigration to Canada:


As indicated by the most recent standards for Canada migration as set by the IRCC for current year, any individual between the ages of 22 to 65 years can apply for Canadian permanent resident status and immigrate to Canada. Prior, this criterion used to be 18 to 65 years yet in light of developing patterns for migration into Canada, these principles were changed to see more quality applications for Canadian permanent resident. The most astounding focuses will be gotten by individuals between the ages of 25 and 35 years old as the IRCC considers this the prime age for any worker as they will have the capacity to contribute effectively for a long time to go to the national Canadian economy market. Individuals who are enthusiastic about immigrating to Canada ought to apply when they fall inside the specified age criteria.


Canada has a fairly convenience education criteria requirements that aim to target quality and well-educated immigrants. Presently, anybody with a secondary school diploma can immigrate to Canada under a permanent resident status. Obviously, a satisfactory work experience needs to be demonstrated as well for a successful immigration profile. Moreover, it is always preferred to have a Bachelor Degree or a Master’s Degree, since it enables the candidate to locate a good relevant job and furthermore gives them a superior shot at getting chose for migration through the most popular Canadian Express Entry immigration program

Work Experience

Work experience is vital when applying for immigration to Canada. Under the new Canadian administration, the base number of years needed for migration to Canada has been brought down to only one year. All candidates need to demonstrate working experience of no less than one year in order to apply and getting the chance to immigrate to Canada. While the base work experience needed for immigration to Canada is at 1 year, it is very prescribed that candidates get no less than three years of working experience as this gives them a superior shot of getting a Canadian permanent residence through the Express Entry program.


Language is an essential factor when applying for immigration or relocate to any nation and Canada is no special case. For any individual to effectively lead business and work in another nation, it is important to know the most generally utilized Language in the nation. In Canada, the official Languages are English and French. Furthermore, contrasted with other English-speaking nations, the immigration requirements for moving to Canada as a permanent resident are fairly low. Individuals need to score a minimum of CLB 7 in order to satisfy the minimum language ability requirements to immigrate to Canada. It is highly recommended to attempt and get an IELTS score above CLB 9 to expand the immigration profile potential to maximum. The IRCC presented new prospect which said that if a candidate demonstrates good abilities in both English and French then they will get additional points on their profile assessment for it.


One of the vast reasons for the popularity of the Canadian immigration programs is that it gives families a chance to relocate together and remain together. Likewise, it gives additional points to candidates who as of now have family living in Canada. The IRCC declared that individuals who have family effectively living in Canada will get extraordinary advantage of added points on their personal immigration profile assessment.

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