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At CanadaByLaw – Canadian Immigration Solutions, we provide professional legal assistance to thousands of individuals wishing to immigrate to Canada. We strongly believe that Canada offers excellent settlement opportunities within a stable environment to those who wish to make Canada their new home. CanadaByLaw immigration firm is rated as one of Canada’s leading provider of immigration services. For over a decade we help businesses & individuals with a full range of immigration options and develop tailored made immigration strategies that achieve their goals. Our firm employs both licensed Immigration Lawyers and Immigration Consultants to properly address the case of our clients.

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Our Canadian immigration Consultants are fully registered and regulated by the ICCRC and have vast experience in Canadian Immigration Law to guarantee your case is properly addressed.

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Why CanadaByLaw?

  • Guide you in submitting an accurate Canadian Immigration Visa profile.
  • Instruct you on how to have your educational credentials evaluated by the proper organization designated by the Canadian Government.
  • Provide you with a free IELTS/TEF online preparation courses to support you in gaining the needed result on the International language test.
  • Evaluate your personal immigration profile and advise you on how to improve your ranking score.
  • Constantly looking for other Canadian immigration programs and advise you quickly about new programs as they are declared.
  • Guide you in the preparation of your supporting documents in advance so that you can react in a timely manner.
  • Provide you with tools and resources to help you find work place in Canada.
  • Avoid crucial mistakes that cause delays or refusals.
  • Legally & Personally represent you with all matters regarding the Canadian immigration authorities.

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Business & Investment Visa

Are you Self-employed? Entrepreneur? or maybe an International Businessman? Explore your investment and business opportunities in Canada – One of the world’s top economies!

Express Entry Visa

The Express Entry program is well known as the most simplified, fast and efficient Canadian immigration program offering permanent residence in only 6-months to qualified skilled workers worldwide.

Family Sponsor Visa

Canadian citizens or permanent residents, have the option to bring family members from overseas and provide them with the opportunity to legally live and work in Canada. Find out on how you can bring your family members to Canada.

Student Visa

With 6 universities rated on the top 200 best universities in the world Canada attracts thousands of international students on an annual basis. Get a degree from the world’s top educational institutes and open new doors to your future.

Provincial Nominee (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) permit Canadian provinces and territories to nominate individuals who desire to immigrate to Canada and who are interested in settling in a certain province.

Canadian Work Permit

Canada is constantly looking for foreign workers and professionals to nurture its strong workforce. In order to work in Canada, as a non-Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident one will need a work permit. However, there are a number of circumstances where one may be able to work in Canada without a work permit.

Why choose Canada?

Job Opportunities 

The demand for highly skilled workers is continuously growing across the country and it has been a key factor for many individuals applying for Canadian immigration every year.

 Top Educational Institutes 

Canada puts education as top priority for everyone living in the country, The Canadian education system is ranked among the best in the world.

 Free Healthcare System 

Canada’s national healthcare system is ranked as one of the highest in the world offering various services for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents.

 Best Social Programs 

Canada offers a wide variety of social services to its residents and citizens taking care of their personal, social and emotional needs.

 Best Place to Live 

Canada is ranked as one of the best places to live in on several parameters such as well-being, including work-life balance, low crime rate, financial wealth, employment opportunities, walkability, access to public transit, medical facilities, and quality of the environment.

 Most Immigrant Welcoming 

Canada encourages immigrants to preserve their unique culture and it is well known as the world’s most diverse country.

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Once you have got the invitation to apply (ITA) for Permanent Resident visa, through any of the above Canadian Immigration programs, you will need to apply for Permanent Resident visa in the Canada immigration center in your region. The Permanent Resident Visa processing begins only after you have been invited to apply and takes between 6-12 months.

As a Permanent Resident of Canada, you will be able to:

Get social services like Canadian Citizens Free Healthcare System
Live, work, and study in Canada Apply for a Canadian Citizenship
Open a Business in Canada Invest in Canada

Permanent Resident requirements are completely different from Citizenship requirements, to apply for Canadian citizenship, you must have permanent resident status first.

In order to become a Canadian Citizen there are some requirements you must satisfy such as:

You must be at least 18 years old when the for Canadian Citizenship application submitted.

You are requested to live in Canada for a minimum of three years out of the past four as a Permanent Resident.

You will need to demonstrate proficiency in at least one of Canada’s official languages English or French in order to become a Canadian citizen.

Presenting clear criminal background with no doubts.

In case all of the above are fully accomplished and presented than you will need to go through the Citizenship test in case you are between the ages 0f 18-54 and if successful you will go through the final process before have the Citizenship in hand which is the Citizenship Ceremony.

There are numerous types for professionals and workers programs under which you may well qualify for your Canada Immigration, Permanent Resident Visa: Federal and Quebec Skilled Worker, Provincial Nominee, Federal Self-Employed, and Canadian and Quebec Experience Class. CanadaByLaw professionals have wide-ranging experience assisting individuals obtain permanent residency in Canada and can assist individuals worldwide adjust their profile to maximize their opportunities of being accepted.

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